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Sun, Jun. 22nd, 2008, 06:32 pm
timquestionmark: Name your poison

I admit is have been negligent with regard to posting but I have also been negligent in my beer drinking.  Lately allezoop and I have been doing a lot of exploring in the realm of the spirits and have found some stuff that we think is wonderful enough to share.  If you are strictly a beer drinker than please forgive me for
the following.

For awhile now I have been deeply enamored of Dogfish Heads spirits as well as their beer (particularly their “Jin” which is quite tasty enough to drink neat).  More recently the my sweetheart and I have discovered the newly legal absinthes like Lucid, Kubler and St. GeorgeWe have also been trying some of those other mysterious bottles in the liquor store that I knew almost nothing about.  As a result we have discovered the very tasty summer drink Stones Green Ginger Wine that we think is right up there with Pimm’s punch when it comes to cool, light & tasty.  I have been less crazy about the very sweet and floral St. Germain or the “this will come in handy for Molitov cocktails” Virginia Moonshine but it’s still fun to experiment and explore (it doesn't hurt that we have lately been watching our way through the old "Thin Man" series of movies not to mention "Whithnail and I", probably some of the drinkyest films in existence.)  In addition I have discovered some cool small distilleries doing interesting stuff and frequently full of really cool people who love what they are doing.  Most recently St. George in Alameda CA which not only makes our favorite Absinthe but some fabulous vodka (all fruit, no fake flavorings) and some very cool tea based beverages (I brought back a very cool smoky black tea liquor).  Also while in the San Francisco area we were saddened  to have to skip a trip to the Anchor brewery, not just because their beer is quite nice but also they are now distilling too. So this brings us to the audience participation part.  What are you drinking that isn’t beer or wine?  Whether it an old standard or a obscure discovery, I want to know what you like.  Or maybe you have a favorite cocktail or even a great recipe for cooking with liquor.