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Wed, Mar. 7th, 2007, 12:38 am
sauergeek: Blue and Gray #3

Blue and Gray Fred Red Ale Unlike the previous two beers from Blue and Gray, this one appeared to be properly capped; it actually had a minimal head. This is a standard Red Ale. It is medium amber with a hint of red from the roasted barley. Malt is slightly stronger than hops, with the distinct thick mouthfeel from the unfermentable sugars provided by the roasted barley -- possibly a bit too thick. It is probably a bit too thick for a session beer; a pint of Fred Red is fairly filling. However, it is a tasty variation on the theme of the chosen session beer. If you're looking for an approximation of a loaf of bread in a glass, but dislike black beers, this is a good candidate. It will probably do well with basic meat-and-potatoes fare -- stews, shepherd's pies, and heavier Indian or Chinese food. 3.5/5